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The guys at Visa Direct made the process of extending my Visa within the UK simple & hassle free. They made sure that I was kept informed throughout the whole process; I have used Visa Direct for all my Immigration matters and will continue to do so while referring all my friends and family to them. Mr G.V Rooyen
Tier 1 - Investors

The Investors category is designed for those who intend to make a substantial investment in the UK.

You must score 75 points for access to £1,000,000 that is disposable and in a financial institution, or £2,000,000 in personal assets and £1,000,000 in a loan, which are known as attributes.


To apply for the initial three years Visa in this category you must satisfy one of the following:

  • The candidate has a minimum of £1 million. The money must be their own and must be held in a regulated UK financial institution. The money must also be disposable in the United Kingdom. = 75 Points
  • The candidate has personal assets to the value of more than £2 million taking into account any liabilities. = 75 Points
  • The candidate has an amount of no less than £1 million, which is under their control and is held in a regulated UK financial institution. This may include money which has been loaned to them if the financial institution providing the loan is regulated by the Financial Services Authority. = 75 Points
Please note unlike the General and Entrepreneur Categories in the Tier 1 Section, the English requirement is deemed unnecessary for Investors as they are unlikely to need to work.


Extending your stay
  • Applicant has not less than £1 million of their own money in the UK = 30 Points
  • Personal Assets with a value exceeding £2 million taking account of liabilities = 30 Points
  • Money under their control which amounts to no less than £1 million. This may include loaned money from a provider who is regulated by the FSA. In addition to above candidates must also satisfy the following requirements:
  • They must have invested a minimum of £750,000 in the UK. This must have been invested by way of either UK Government bonds or share capital or investment capital in active UK companies. This excludes companies whose main activities are property investment.
  • The investment outlined above must have been made within 3 months of gaining Entry Clearance, leave to enter or leave to remain as an Investor and the Investment must be maintained throughout the duration of the visa.
Where the applicant meets the requirements above by scoring enough points, and meets all other requirements of the immigration rules, Visa Direct will guide you through the process of extending your stay as an Investor.

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